About Us

Malabesna.com is not yet another e-shop!


Malabesna is a joint venture of a fashion expert wife and hi-tech husband, who aims to deliver only the highest quality clothing and fashion to all our customers.

Our Goal:

Deliver high quality clothes to our customers around the world, and to make Malabesna.com one of the biggest ecommerce shops on the internet and to deliver our products to every house.

We will literally be your nearest mall!


The start:

Malabesna started on May 2016 as a facebook page, but since the beginning our goal was clear, to climb up to the top and be open to the world, and that’s why we built up this website, and started accepting online payments and shipping worldwide with low shipping cost and allowing customers to track their shipments


Our Scope:

Currently we are focused on providing Woman Muslim clothing, Being a Muslim woman who wears Hijab does not mean you can not wear nice clothes, our furture plans involve adding kids clothes too.